hey Bart,

Is it possible to make an option in the labelprinter to have a labeltype for locations. Now we add a cable an give it an location and print it with multi type but it would be nice that you can print the selected locations.

further the note that when we auto create locations, all locations are added. when i add an fixture or cable later with an other location and i hit auto create again he adds everything twice. is it an option to only make him add the new locations?

hope to hear from you


  • Hello,

    I'm not quite sure what you mean with the first point.. Do you mean printing labels with just "LX 4" or something like that?

    The second I've just fixed and will be included in the next release!



  • Yes, right that. So i can make labels to put on my trusses or on flightcases. On the moment i add a multi give that multi the name of the location and print a multi label because i have to filter what type of label i want to print and i can't chose there for only locations.

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