assigning a Universe to multiple Fixtures

Hello Bart,

if i add new Fixtures, select them all and enter a Number into the Universe Field only the first Fixture gets the new Universe Number. The other Fixtures are staying at Universe 0.

Patching the Addresses works as excepted and with a patched Address assigning a Universe to those Group of Lamps works fine, too

Is this a Bug or intentional?


  • Hello Benni,

    Are you using the latest version? There were some bug fixes for that in the last couple of versions..



  • Hello Hello,

    I'm using 2.00b70 on Windows 10.

  • Hello Bart,

    any news on this Topic?

    I still got this behavior on 2.00b72 and Windwos 10.

  • Hello Benni,

    Just found out it is a Windows only bug, and therefore I did not notice it. I will look into this!


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