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I would like to ask for some information on the export feature, as I need to know whether it will do what I need, but I can't test it in the trial version. Would it be possible to publish a data-rich example export please? I need to put the data in to other things to do more electrical calculations (like looking up which breakers are fitted in the pd), and so need the export to have enough info to see ie fixture 101 from pd#1 soca #1 channel 1, what type of pd it is, and also the length and thickness of the cable used to connect it.

I also couldn't see a way to have fixture #101 supplied from Loom #1, Cable #1 (ie socapex) but then add a 16A cable on the end of the socapex. this is also needed for electrical calculations.

many thanks!


  • Hello,

    I've attached an export of a file so you can take a look at the result (I had to rename it to .txt since the forum does not accept .csv files). I don't think this is what you are looking for though..

    On the other hand, the PD/Dimmer templates already contain information about the breakers etc, and PatchPrinter will let you know when you are exceeding the current limits. However, there is no way yet to calculate the short circuit current since this is also depending on cable used, its length etc.

    However, this might be an nice new feature.. I will put it on the list!



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    Thank you, that is helpful. This is obviously an output of fixture data - does an export option exist for PD outputs as well please i.e. one record line per PD output way? or is the export feature only fixture-per-line?

    I think short circuit currents would need a lot of data - venue impedance (I just have an arena average I use from experience), breaker type (61009 vs CBi etc), cable CSA & withstand, upstream distribution impedance, any TRS extension on the end of the fan out. There is also earth faults, PFC, voltage drop and grouping/thermal capacity to calculate, so I guess my short term intention would be to use my existing design tools to calculate those bits, if I can get the needed data out of Patch Printer.


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