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Hi Bart,

Currently, if you have multiple fixture types on one PD Channel, they are combined with a "+". So, if you have 3 different types on one channel, the text becomes very small: "1* Pointe + 1* Strike 1 + 1* 150".

Could an option be created to list them separately:

"1* Pointe

1* Strike 1

1* 150"

& Could an option be created to replace "*" with "x"? (A text column where you can fill this in yourself if possible :)

Looking forward to your response!

Thanks, Bart


  • Hello,

    • The first one is kinda tricky: just some text is passed to the label, and that does not know where to create a newline.
    • The second I will put on the ToDo list



  • Can't you just replace the " + " with a new line when the text is passed to the label?

  • That would work for you, but it will break the label for all the other people who don’t want it that way..

  • Hmm. And making it a option with a checkbox to activate this?

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