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Hey together

Could it be that with the newest update there is a bug that assigned dmx lines/universe are still labeled as unassigned in the dimcity overview?

Until i save the file an reopen it again after that it is all fine.

But just refresh don't work.


  • And also when i have a finish project in which the fixtures are all adressed and have universes. when i then save the project and restart the software all the fixtures lost their universes.

  • Hello Sascha,

    Not that I know of.. Could you send me a file and the stept to reproduce this?



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    the bug with the universe which goes lost i can't reproduce for the moment but i was checking the file which does the problem. And when i open the file with a texteditor it has in the filetext universe 0 in all of the fixture too.

    I try to reproduce and check which steps i have to make until it happen.

  • Thanks,

    I cannot reproduce this, so I will wait for your input then..


  • I think i found the problem. It is all fine until i switch the universes to arnet and save the file. After reopen the file all the universes ar set to universe 0.

  • Can you confirm that you can reproduce the problem?

    thanks for your SUpport


  • Can confirm that I can reproduce it! And that it has been fixed :). Will be packed in the next release.



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    Thanks for your work.

    It‘s a really nice tool to work.

    I will do a list with things i miss for the moment or maybe not know how to do. But it has already really nice features which make life easier.

    best regards


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